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Underwater treadmill lifting system


The underwater treadmill cannot be integrated in floors made by competitors. In that case we offer a drop-in treadmill for ultimate mobility. Our lifting system offers a way to, without a movable floor, still be able to adjust the water level in order to create the best environment for walking exercises in terms of weight-bearing and counterwork.

The lifting system can be installed in virtually any existing pool without a movable floor, but especially shines in outdoor situations.


Exercising on an underwater treadmill is an excellent combination of weight bearing reduction, while at the same time the patient can perform walking exercises to mobilise otherwise stiff or injured joints.

Underwater treadmills are the pinnacle of underwater exercise equipment, and can be used for low impact obesity treatment. The strict walking rhythm it imposes has added value in neurology.

We offer the biggest collection of publications about hydrotherapy.


EWAC Medical has been designing and building movable swimming pool floors for over 25 years and has successfully finished more than 1.000 projects worldwide. We continually work on improvement and innovation. Even though underwater treadmills are a relatively new development, experience with these products is increasing rapidly. Underwater treadmills can be integrated in any of the current EWAC Medical products which makes our proposition incredibly competitive.

That is why EWAC Medical is world market leader in hydrotherapy.

For more information and documentation, please contact EWAC Medical.

Treadmill lifting system


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