Aquatic Obstacle course

Many advantages of a movable pool floor with underwater treadmill

Having a movable swimming pool floor offers a lot of advantages. Adding an underwater treadmill to the system brings even more!

Advantages of a movable swimming pool floor:

  • Allows the pool to be used by several target groups simultaneously
  • Because the pool is more versatile, you can do with a smaller pool
  • Putting the floor at deck level during off-hours saves evaporation and therefore energy costs, and also reduces the risk of falling in
  • The depth can be tailored to the therapy needs of the activity in the pool

Advantages of a underwater treadmill in the pool floor:

  • Allows for excellent monitoring of gait during walking exercises
  • Allows for walking exercises at variable depth and speed
  • Supports the build up of proper gait and balance in a safe and low impact exercise environment.
  • Supports the maintenance of muscle tissue during periods of injury to lower extremity joints
  • Supports recovery of lower extremity joint injuries due to strong and variable reduction in joint loading.

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