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EWAC Medical not only supplies movable swimming pool floors, but also makes an active contribution to the acquisition and distribution of knowledge about hydrotherapy. On this page you will find more in-depth information on all aspects of the use of a movable swimming pool floor in rehabilitation.



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Technology determines user safety

The EWAC Medical movable swimming pool floor offers lots of of advantages compared to other movable swimming pool floors:                 




 - Water hydraulic operated   - No toxic fluids in the pool in case of leakage
- No electrical components in the water
 - Open structure  (completely water-permeable)    - Doesn't form barrier for water circulation
- Increases water hygiene 
- First floor to have passed the dye test
 - Modular construction   - Completely installed within one week
- Parts easily fit through standard door ways or windows
 - Minimal structural changes needed   - Lowered construction cost
 - Very small techincal plant room (<2m2)   - Lowered construction cost

 - Design adaptable to any desire

  - Rounded edges
- Slanted sides
 - Can be installed in existing pools   - Can be installed in existing pools
 - Can be installed in modular pools   - Alternative employability


Many possible options (See our product configurator)

Underwater treadmill   Underwater treadmill   Underwater treadmill can be integrated in a movable swimming pool floor, and be used to perform static walking exercises. The advantage is that the therapist can continuously watch and correct the patient's movements from one position. This reduces the need for a large swimming pool.
Parallel bars   Parallel bars   Parallel bars equipped with base plates to place on any position on the movable swimming pool floor. Used for carrying out walking exercises between the two bars.
Onderwaterfiets accessoire 116x78   Underwater bicycle   The underwater bicycle is especially designed for excercising circular motion in water. The unique feature of the underwater bicycle is that the resistance increases progressively with the rotation speed of the pedals. Placed on a movable swimming pool floor, the water depth can be adjusted to alter the exercise.
Self adapting pool stairs   Self adapting pool stairs   Self adapting stairs. The steps of these self adapting stairs remain horizontal in each position of the movable swimming pool floor. This ensures optimal accessibility of the pool regardless to the set depth.
Intergrated stairs   Intergrated stairs  

Integrated staircase. This integrated staircase appears as if from nowhere during the downward movement of the movable swimming pool floor. The steps gradually appear one by one. The staircase is equipped with pivoting railing. Video integrated stairs.

Observation window


  Observation window  

The pool can be equipped with underwater windows. This provides the therapist a complete view of the actions performed by the patient on the movable swimming pool floor.

Jetstream   Counter current or jetstream   Countercurrent unit or jetstream. A jetstream offers exercise resistance to the patient moving against the flow on the movable swimming pool floor. A wall nozzle produces a strong water jet which is aimed at the patient, and depending of the required exercise load, can be softened with air.
Cameras, Lighting, Windows   Cameras, Lighting   Lighting is recommended to improve vision through e.g. underwater windows. The lighting can be monochrome or multi color. In addition, the pool can be equipped with an underwater camera for motion analysis.
Excercise materials   Exercise materials   Excercise Materials. For use in balancing exercises on the movable swimming pool floor. Can be used in combination with Halliwick or the Bad Ragaz Ring method.
Water treatment   Water treatment   Depending on the size of the pool a customized (sand) filter system can be included. Built by EWAC Medical, our treatment plants meet the highest standards in the field of water according Dutch WHBVZ / Vlarem and DIN 19643.


EWAC Medical offers a wide range of implementation possibilities, which can be tailored to the needs of users. Depending upon the requirements, for example, a swimming pool can be equipped with two movable floors separated by a movable screen. As an alternative to this system, a stair-like transition can be created between two movable swimming pool floors.

See the pictures below to see animated examples of our capabilities.

Adjustable floor with movable bulkhead
Adjustable floor with flap
Adjustable floor with safety curtain
Adjustable floor with stair-like transition
Double adjustable floor with safety curtain
Double adjustable floor with stairlike transition 
 Adjustable floor with bulkhead
 Adjustable floor with flap
 Adjustable floor with safety curtain
 Adjustable floor with stairlike transition
 Adjustable floor with movable bulkhead
 Double adjustable floor with stairlike transition


The importance of the right depth

We believe that it should be possible to change the depth to the needs of the patient and therapist so that the rehabilitation process can proceed optimally. This is why we supply movable swimming pool floors that were especially developed for rehabilitation in the medical sector.

In hydrotherapy, the correct depth for the patient and therapist depends on several variables. The physical length of the patient, the nature of his condition, the selected form of hydrotherapy and the amount of the progress that has already been made. If there is interaction between patient and therapist in the water, the ergonomic position of the therapist will also play a role.

There is no fixed depth that works for each patient and for each therapy. Therefore, a movable floor is the ultimate solution to adjust to the needs of the patient. EWAC Medical movable swimming pool floors are used in the leading rehabilitation centres in the world.

Two types of a moveable swimming pool floor

• The suspended movable swimming pool floor (up to 45 m2)

• The floating movable swimming pool floor (from 45 m2)

EWAC Medical movable swimming pool floor system meets the most stringent requirements for the hygiene of the water. In fact, our system is the only system available on the market which meets the requirements of EN 15288:2008, Annex A dye test. This means that the hygiene of the water is not affected by the presence of the movable swimming pool floor in the water. Therefore, vulnerable patients run less health risk in a pool with an EWAC Medical movable swimming pool floor.

The movable swimming pool floor has a stainless steel AISI 316 frame, provided with a deck with removable polyester tiles. The movable swimming pool floor can be made in any shape or size. The floor is moved by a water hydraulic system, which ensures that the swimming pool water cannot be contaminated by toxic fluids in the event of leakage.

Movable swimming pool floor with hidden stair system

Movable swimming pool floor with concealed stair system

Movable swimming pool floor with hidden stair system

Floating type movable floor

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